"neural nets in javascript", pronounced "ninjas", because duh!

This lightweight demo of neural nets in action is meant to foster intuitive understanding of neural net training.

It is not fast, performant code!! But I hope you'll find the home-grown vanilla javascript code approachable, readable, and instructive. The intent is to educate and illustrate how simple, at their core, these techniques can be!

Bakclog, AKA Coming soon(ish):

  • Pin & Force parameters
  • Visualization of validation data
  • Graphs of selected parameters' histroy
  • Activation function selection and visualization
  • Visualization of learning slowdown, RELU death, etc.

Hit the "play" button () below to get started!

Click (green) or right-click (red) on the output graph (bottom-right) to add custom training data points

# hidden layers # neurons