Andrew H Schwartz

Software Architect ⋅ Collaborator ⋅ Developer

Solve systems over symptoms.

  • [demo] nnjs Neural Nets in vanilla JS
  • [demo] Descend Gradient Descent demo
  • [code] PluralzBot A(n obnoxious) Slack Bot
  • [code] Cortio Neural-inspired audio signal transform
  • [code] Despecable! API handling in Rails
  • [code] Ruby Gems APIs, ActiveRecord, et al.
  • [blog] A Big Stick A coding philosophy
  • [blog] DSP-ln a DSP log (naturally)
  • [pics] Delicious Food Home cooking projects
  • [pics] Doggo The best of the Doggo Named Kobe
  • [tünz] Songz A few creative projects